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Energie Management
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Energie Measurement
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Software & Automation

Convincing solutions are created with modern tools and the finest hardware.

We present our newest developments for industries and logistics.

E.g energy measurement and reducing consumption with Elog.


From sensor to IT, we take care of it.



News flash !

ELOG Report is listed at BAFA for use as ISO50001 energy management software and is eligible for funding.

Since the release of version 2 of ELOG Report in early 2018, many innovations have been implemented. These were based on operational experience and often on the suggestions of our customers.

Control and electrics

We have the knowlege and do programming of PLC from varios manufacturers.

The systems from Wago are particulary convining,

therefore we are Wago partner and solution provider.

Energy management with Elog

Elog gets all energy forms like electrical power, gas , steam, pressured air and water.

We deliver overall systems containing the countes, calculations and display by WEB-application.

As vendor independent systemhouse we construct an optimized measurment system for all energy consumers.

Energy capture Elog Node


The digital system for measurement at site.

Preconfectionated or individual housings exactly with needed compontents for the task. 

Image: connection for eleven electricity consumers (L1,L2,L3,N).

We use Wago cage clamps for fast, reliable connections  according to standards.

Elog WebView visualisation


All current measured values at a glance.

Elog counting systems are network ready and contain a usefull web interface.

Problems like missing phases or uneven loads are immediately noticeable.

Power grid analyzer with harmonics display is available.

All registered data may be displayed graphicaly.

A little energy management system is integrated in each node .


IoT system design

We develop compact internet of things solutions.

Cheap IOT modules for control and WEB connection are availabe on the market.

Pratically none is usable in industrial surrounding. that's where we come in.

e.g. with WiBiT is an IoT module for capture and control with MQTT connection.

On the basis of a Linux SOC, we have created an extremely compact and cheap module suitable for industrial use !



Image processing solutions

We develop systems for object detection and code reading.

Image: Our System for cover detection in magazine remission departments.

Magazines are detected an sorted by feature comparision in real time.


Logistics systems

Sorting and picking are under our core competencies.

The modular DPS controller was espacially developed for this purpose.

For each type of mechanics like conveyors, pushing or "popup" devices ready to use software modules are available.

For engineering and 3D-simulation we use our visim3D tool.

The tool generates also the DPS controller software.


ReViS NFC lable.


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APP Design


Today most control systems need an APP for mobile display.

There are systems whose main part is the APP.

We realise APPs for the main operating systems IOS and Android. 

E.g. We developed the ReViS-System for speeding up maintenance processes.

All equipment is labeled with a cheap ReViS NFC-sticker.

Everything is managed with our mobile phone APP.

In maintanance case, take your phone, hold it to the ReViS-sticker and service is called automatically.


There is also a cloud service for viewing and revision of all installed labels.


Which solution do you need ?

Ask us !

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