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The miniature sensor/aktor solution for the internet of things.

If you want cheap capture or switching :

  • simple
      plug, configure network, ready

  • cost optimised
      cheaper as wiring

  • industrial
    IP67 housing, safety functions


WiBiT details:


WiBiT is named from wireless bit, because it connects one sensor (or even two) to the wireless network.


The WiBiT System was developed by Fränz & Jaeger. They are specialized on distributed industrial automation.
Therefore the module fullfills advanced requirements e.g. safety level IP67.


The WiBiT module can be inserted into an existing sensor line.

The powering of the modul is taken from the sensor line, no seperate powering is necessary.


The WiBiT is best suited,
if an existing PLC should not be changed,
if additional sensors are too expensive ,
if new wirering is complicated,
if you want a fast solution or
if you need the signal for a short period


The module simply listens to sensor signals, and directs them unchanged and undisturbed to an existing control.

The module can, of course, also be operated without a PLC, then the supply takes place via a cable with M12 plug.


The module connects to any standard WLAN access point. The access data for secure encrypted data transmission e.g. WPA2 are freely configurable. If you want, this is even possible simply by mobile phone


WiBiT protocols :

The following protocols are available


This protocol is the standard for the data transfer of IoT (Internet of Things) SSL secured



This protocol is widely used in industry

Both protocols are supported by SCADA solutions, e.g. KEPWARE

Many other protocols and security solutions are available on request

Digital Inputs :

The inputs are positive switching. The logical polarity is configurable.

The inputs are equipped with a configurable debounce time.

A pulse counter with count value output is available as standard.

LED status indication:

The status of the WiBiT and the two inputs or outputs is visualized on the front.

The function of the 3 LEDs is internally programmable.

Digital Outputs programmable (IoT network PLC):

The WiBit model I2O2 also has 2 digital outputs. These outputs are available in alternative to the digital inputs. The actual state of the output can be read back via the digital input channel.

The switching function is freely programmable. This may be e.g. from a separate input or from a signal of another WiBiT module in the network or from another MQTT subscriber. This will make the system an Internet of Things Network PLC!

Range extension:

The WiBit system optionally has router properties. This makes it possible to use the WiBiTs simultaneously as a range extender. If a WLAN access point is outside the range of WiBiT, a second WiBiT can pass the data and this extends the range.

WiBiT CPU and operating system:

The system includes an embedded processor. A sourcecode open LINUX operating system is used as a software basis. It is completely maintainable and hardly vulnerable to attacks from outside!

Optional available:

WiBit MQTT Broker (Software)

A simple MQTT broker (server) for LINUX / MAC / Windows operating systems with graphical interface. The MQTT broker is used for the networking of a large number of WiBiT modules, and other MQTT IOT modules can also be integrated

In alternativ diffrent MQTT Brokers can be used.

WiBit MQTT Client (Software):

A simple MQTT client for LINUX / MAC / Windows operating systems with graphical user interface. The client is well suited for system testing with the MQTT Broker.

MQTT client APPs for mobile phones (ANDROID, IOS) are available in the respective shops. We would be pleased to recommend you tested APPs.

Further software solutions are under development.

The types:

  • WiBit I1O0
    One input on M12 connector PIN 4
    MQTT protocol

  • WiBit I2O0
      Two inputs M12 PIN 2 and PIN4
    (The second Sensor  can be connected with T-splitter)
    MQTT protocol

  • WiBit I2O2
      configurable with 1 or 2 inputs or outputs
    internal temperatur sensor
    MQTT protocol

Further models in development, please ask.


Technical data (subject to change) :

WLAN 2,4GHz internal chip antenna

plastic housing LxWxH 52x50x38mm

protection: IP67

Screw wall mounting

Power requierments: 18-34V ca.60mA(24V) max. 1.5W (without output load)

temeratur range: 0 .. 45° C (non condensing)

24V Inputs :
positive switching
load ca. 6 Kohm (4mA at 24V)
switching threshold ca. 12V

24V Outputs (Modell I2O2):
0,5A positive switching
hardened semiconductor switch (PROFET)

ohmic or inductive load

short circuit proof

over voltage portection

reverse polarity protection

Intern abgesichert über selbstrückstellende Sicherung

Connectors (standard):

M12 5 pin male for power and  2  EA with earth equiped with 0,5m wirering all 5 PINs pathed trough.

M12 5 pin female  2 sensors/actors with 1,0m wire.


Pricing and availability:

Fränz & Jaeger GmbH
Dornkaulstr. 10

52134 Herzogenrath Kohlscheid

Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fränz & Jaeger GmbH

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