Power- and energy monitoring ELOG20

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Energy monitoring system based on WAGO components:

The capture solution for industries and IT and properties.

The main solution for installations according to ISO 50001:2011.

The ELOG20 system integrates

  • Registration of current , voltage, energy
  • climate data (temperature .. )
  • harmonic analysis
  • WEB user interface
  • server connection (CSV,FTP,SQL..)
  • SMS alterts
  • switiching actions
  • gas meter
  • heat meter


The ELOG20 system is bit-modular design.
Even 60 current phases and more than 100 temperature measuring points can be configured.

Connects external counters by S0 or M-Bus interface.


The system is available fully assembled in small cabinets IP65 or IP20 as an integrated system in your power-distribution.

cost optimised

By using only the really required of WAGO components we keep costs low.

Energy management is always worthwhile :

For companies in the manufacturing sector will apply from 2015:

  • savings in electricity and eco-tax as a top tax equalization
  • EEG levy exemption for energy-intensive companies which invest more than 14% of gross value


reduce energy costs

reduced greenhouse gas emissions and thus ecological footprint of your company

ELOG20 solution covers in detail :

  • energy consumption
  • voltage (230/480/690V)
  • current (over 2000A depending on converter)
  • real energy/ real power
  • phasing
  • reactive energy /reactive power
  • apparent power /apparent energy
  • phase sequence recognition
  • power factor
  • frequency measurement
  • harmonics (up to the 41. harmonic)

optional climate data :

  • temprature
  • humidity


Get NOW your impression of the possibilities by ELOG-monitoring.

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