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Codesys is a system for programming and running of Realtime-Applications. Such is usually used by legacy PLC Programable Logic Controllers.

Codesys consists of an runtime system which is running on the realtime capable hardware, and a programming frontend.

Codesys comes in different flavors: at WAGO as E-Cockpit, at Beckhoff as Twincat, at many others as original version form 3S-Software.

Codesys integrates visualisation based on WEB-Browser functionality. Values from the realtime range can be used without any indirection for visualisation.

Codesys contains compilers for all 5 normed PLC languages (IEC61131) and compiles direct to machine language. Therefore codesys processes are extremly fast.

Codesys is availabe for virtually any modern hardware. It runs perfect on IPCs and converts these to an PAC (Programable Automation Controller)






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