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Fränz & Jaeger designed and realized for many years Auto-ID solutions based. New methods are often the key for success.

Use cases :


OCR for intra logstics

Character recognition of addresses is a classic example of an identification of general cargo in the intralogistics sector. F & J has developed a special application for a line scan camera application that will help recognizing adresses fully automatic and virtually error-free.
This application is used, among others, in a book mail order house and processes parcels / packages at a speed of approximately 0.5m / s.

Material flow with barcode

scanning systems

Image: SICK AG

In the material flow control F&J provides Auto-ID solutions (barcode, RFID) for identifying production or intralogistics objects and their optimized management through the production process.

Maintenance NFC


Fränz & Jaeger designs and implements Auto-ID-based solutions for optimizing the maintenance process.

The RFID labels System Revis is available for this purpose.

Supply chain management

scanndyfeder 11

Designed for the field of SCM product tracking F&J implemented individual, customized solutions for different industries and applications.

Product tracing of complex objects

Another application is the fulfillment of the documentation requirements, according to legislation on the traceability of products, eg. in the food industry, especially for complex, irregular objects and surfaces. We developed a system for identifying and archiving images of slaughter products detected with 4 video cameras. The transponder number, slaughter number, date of slaughter is automatically detected with the tattoo and synchronously recorded in the documentation system and stored redundantly. The imagedata are added to the electronic documentation file and stored for many month.

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