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The customer wants to capture all energy consumers in a factory digitally.

These are all energy sources like electricity, gas ,steam ,compressed air and also the water consumption should be captured.

The consumption should be assigned as precisely as possible to every plant area in detail.

ELOG-Solution :

The customer choses the new ELOG system from Fränz & Jaeger with Wago controllers.

Above all, the flexibility of this system proved to be a decisive advantage here.

With the WAGO Network Controller System, encoders with virtually any interface can be integrated.

For example, more than 70 meters for three-phase current, water, gas, steam and compressed air were connected, with various partially existing and new interfaces.

ELOG system design :

Preconfigured wall mount boxes in different size are equiped with the economical controller Wago PFC100 (or PFC200)

The controller provides the connection to the Ethernet-based production network on one hand and couples the different measuring point physics on the other.

In particular, the electric energy detection convinced, because with an only 24mm wide module not only the active power is caputred, but over 90 other figures, for example. the currents and voltages of the individual phases and the cos phi.

The ingenious ELOG software allows easy integration and configuration of up to 50 different measuring points per controller box. The measuring points connection via M-Bus and even wirelessly via "Wireless M-Bus" was realized.

The capturing is realized with 17 ELOG-Boxes, which are decentrally mounted all over the factory.

The central monitor and report generation takes place with the ELOG Report Appliance. This is already optimized for mobile devices and touch monitors.

A browser is sufficient to display all caputed data in interactive charts.

The user can choose between different chart formats e.g. bar , line, pie charts. even heat-map or sankey diagramms are supported.

Multiple charts may be arranged to reports and printed to paper or stored as PDF.

An export of data to Excel / CSV for storage or further analysis is possible.

ELOG Report also allows the integration of measuring instruments of other manufacturers, e.g. from Janitza.

Conclusion :

The ELOG system from Fränz & Jaeger proves not only more flexible and accurate, but also more cost effective than other energy monitoring systems.

With the ELOG system the customer can now minimize the energy consumption and easily meet the requirements of ISO50001.

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