Maintenance with ReVis

ReVis optimizes your maintenance

Objects of all kinds require regular revision, for example, fire extinguishers, vehicles, industrial equipment, toilets, etc.

In addition to regular maintenance a spontaneous maintenance may be required, but then, who is responsible?

To date maintenance plans are hung-up to show who is when responsible. Tags eventually showed the next date.

With the aid of the new RFID ReVis label (ReVisTag) all these processes are accelerated and transparent.

The ReVisTag contains all the information that is required at the location of the object. The information is stored encrypted in ReVis Premium.

The ReVisTag "knows" when the next service is required, but also when the last had been done and who has done it.

Moreover, it also knows who is responsible for maintenance.

 ReVis App

The ReVis app

Using the ReVis app the ReVisTag is at first equiped with the required information, machine number and location, and the next maintenance date.

When you hold the smartphone just in the vicinity of the tag, it is read automatically and the display shows the next service date in the form of a clock. The maintenance personel can check within one second, when the next service would be required.

When maintenance has been carried out, the next maintenance date can be set easily. A new tag is not required.

The ReVisTag can be mounted on the object as legacy tags or even integrated. The standard ReVisTag is designed for metal surfaces.

But the ReVis app can do even more:

  •     Starting and ending a maintenance process.
  •     Start an email, SMS or a phone call for maintenance personnel.
  •     Leave a text message at ReVis server (see below)

The ReVis app is available for current Android devices with NFC option.

The ReVis server

The highlight of the ReVis system is the combination with our server.

All actions with the ReVisTag may (but don't have to!) be saved online to the ReVis server.

Each maintenance manager can retrieve the ReVis data and use it e.g. in form of an Excel spreadsheet.
Therefor data can be compared with maintenance plans.

The maintenance management is informed at all times, who, when, where, which ReVisTag has been read or has been changed.

The server is highly available worldwide (24/7) and secured. It is provided as a cloud application. A dedicated server is no longer needed.

The ReVis server service is very inexpensive and can be subscribed directly from the app.

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