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Control and visualisation design

 DPS 2929 MAIN

Fränz & Jaeger designs state of the art automation and central control.

The demands on a modern control system have grown strongly in recent years, international.

In particular, the transparency should be high today. The work of controllers should be constantly monitored and actions of the past must be traceable. Our controllers allways have logbooks integrated. All events are stored for future investigation.

Conventional controllers on PLC basis are still lacking to the storage capacity and performance. Therefore we rely on PAC-technologie since years. This technology combines PC and PLC.  From the PC-world we take storage capacity and processing performance. At same time we have realtime execution and industrial strength as known from PLC. This comes from use of hardened hardware and relinquishment of moving parts as fans or harddisks.

Our powerful programming environments (CoDeSys) allow the efficient development according to current paradigms.

The visualization occupies a very high priority today. The plant operator expects an easy access to all functions, as he knows it from mobile devices. Fränz & Jager supplies the visualization in the web browser. The visualization can thus be readily available on the intranet and savely over the Internet. This form of remote maintenance saves virtually all operations on site.

In the form of the WEB visualization costly visualization devices as in conventional PLC solutions are no longer required.

We can draw on a huge range of touch panels, even a simple laptop is enough already.

In the design phase, we can rely on modular prefabricated modules. These are integrated within our CAE System ViSim3D. This leads, for example, to noticeable cost-saving in material handling systems with a high level of repetition.

Today control systems are usually based on  Linux eg. combined with ORACLE or other SQL databases. With Linux high availability and long-term support is guaranteed. The open source structure ensures transparency, which is necessary to clear up any malfunction fast.

Fränz & Jaeger is vendor-neutral, and designs very cost-effective control solutions, always with the view of the whole.









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