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Classic PLC

  ... the proven art



 Project with ET200

In many areas, the classic PLC and ie here essentially Siemens not indispensable.

And there are industrial companies where using of Siemens products is even required.

Fränz & Jaeger automation naturally provides controls on the basis of Siemens PLC products.


The S7 300 series is the backbone of this control class. The visualization is typical with panels of TP series using WINCC Flexible. The networking and decentralization takes place here via Profibus and Profinet.

WinCCDemo klein

Fränz & Jaeger looks back on a long series of successful SPS projects in special machine construction.

As a programming environments Step7 5.x or TIA Portal is in use.

We take over reprogramming of S7 controls or panel migrations eg from OP37 to KP1500..

 LOGO SPS 72dpi


Simple and very cost-sensitive applications can be realized by LOGO-control. Even in this low cost range visualization is possible.