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WAGO System 750


Fränz & Jaeger is your

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Fränz & Jaeger delivers ready to use control stations preferable based on WAGO System 750.

The WAGO system offers decisive advantages :

Variety of interfaces

Virtually for every use case there is a suitable interface available, wherein all interfaces can be combined in one system. In addition to classical serial RS232 and RS422/485, there are eg. also modules for SSI encoders or temperature sensors.

Even for Bus-Systems, eg. AS-Interface, modules are available. We realized a 2-level decentralized plant with integrated safety over the AS-interconnection-bus.

Profibus-Master or CAN-Bus-Master functionality is also available.

Fränz & Jaeger has the know how and ready to use software components for connection of virtually any sensors.

Open operating system

WAGO opts for linux as realtime operation system. Therefore Fränz & Jaeger can offer support for these systems for many years. Every problem may be analysed to bitlevel and fixed in short time. And discontinuations don't matter. Many systems are in industrial use for 15 years and more.

CPUs for any performance class

From a cheap controller for a simple switching application to a gigahertz Pentium based system with hundreds of in- and outputs are compatible CPUs in stock. The developed software stays allways the same.

CoDeSys programmable

CoDeSys is market leader at realtime development systems beyond the closed Siemens-world. The programmabilityinthehigherprogramming languageStructured Textmostlyeliminates theprogramminginCor C ++. However, it is possible, and weuse theWAGOSystemwiththelanguagesC/C++andespeciallyPython.